Speaker: Getting Started

Get any speaker and a Respeaker Core v2 (or respeaker raspi hat) and install open source mycroft AI.

Sway Speaker is a smart speaker, with the mycroft project at its core. It uses castv2 and dlna. The required hardware is the Respeaker Core v2. You can use any speaker you want.



  • Respeaker Core v2
  • microSD: At least 64G
  • 3.5 mm audio jack (there's a also a JST2.0 connector if that's how you roll)
  • Any speaker


  1. Download the img from from the here.

  2. Run (replacing X with the letter assigned to your microSD):

sudo dd bs=4M if=cast.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress
  1. Insert into Respeaker and boot up.

  2. Test by saying "hello mycroft".