Watch: Getting Started

Get an asteroidOS supported watch and connect to your services.

Sway watch uses a customized asteroidOS rom. Currently, asteroidOS has the best support for a few Huawei watches and is the only watch sway supports.

Currently it only supports notifications and music. Heart rate monitoring is being worked on.


This asks for some proficiency in rom installation. If you get stuck, first look at the asciinema videos, then look at the related documentation.


  1. Get the sway fastboot here and the .ext4 image here.

  2. Check the signature with keytool (optional) keytool -list -printcert -jarfile the printed fingerprints should match with these

    Certificate fingerprints:
    MD5: 54:73:70:C6:4B:FE:31:88:ED:18:F5:DF:1E:08:EB:19
    SHA1: C1:BE:BA:F7:9A:57:74:B7:5B:82:D5:0A:36:60:24:99:00:98:5D:C7
    SHA256: 8E:09:CB:8F:9F:28:DA:DB:A9:32:84:AD:7C:AC:F3:E7 \
  3. Follow the real installation guide for for their huawei watch (codename sturgeon) but using the sway files instead

After installation you should see a splash screen similar to the one above.


Using ADB#

This video will guide you through downloading the dependencies unlocking the watch, an flashing the image.