Workstation: Getting Started

Dualboot or use Virtualbox to try out the Sway workstation environment

Sway workstation are packages and dotfiles is to provide streamlined terminal-centric work environment.

This will install two types of dotfiles.

  • The first are rice dotfiles that follows the styles in the core sway ui kit.

  • The second are client dotfiles. These configure terminal clients to work with sway personal services.

The benefits of using this dotfiles are:

  • Maintenance cost is spread amongst the community
  • Coherent style amongst all UIs

Dotfiles are manage by GNU Stow.


This asks for some command line proficiency. If you get stuck, first look at the asciinema videos, then look at the related documentation.


  • Automatic dark mode and supported for the following apps/features.
    • dynamic wallpaper
    • emacs
    • firefox
    • alacritty (terminal client)
    • jetbrains products
    • polybar
    • rofi



  • Arch linux partitioned with the following packages installed
    • linux-lts
    • NetworkManager
    • grub
    • git
    • base-devel
    • yay

All drivers are specific to your machine. These can be optimally configured by using the Arch wiki.

In order to continue, Arch Linux should be a in bootable state with working network connection and yay installed. This means you should be able to ping google and upgrade yay packages with yay -Syu.

There is asciinema that will guide your through an arch installation. However, this is for an intel laptop with efi, wifi, and grub as the bootloader. This may not be have or want. Please read the docs to configure your system.

Accounts/API Keys#

  • Open Weather Map API Key



yay -S sway


yay workstation init

After you have followed all the prompts, your screen should look similar to the screen shot at the top of the page.


Arch Install#

Workstation Init#